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Vegan | Gluten Free | No added Sugar | Made with fresh ingredients


Seed Crackers

Sara Alshihry


Very healthy crackers. And are very tasty too! I always take them to office.


About us

Nivedita and Shreyas co-founded Chilly Date Foods in 2016.

The idea came to life from the need of having tasty, easy and healthy food.

Nivedita is the CEO of Chilly Date Foods. A top designer from NID India, she approaches all her projects and products with a creative twist. Everything she creates at Chilly Date is raw and yet refined - just like a work of art.

Shreyas has a background in asset management and looks at the strategic direction of the company.

Chilly Date Foods believes thahealthy food should be tasty and easy to prepare - it doesn't have to be boring! Just have a look at the ingredients in each of our creation. They are minimal, raw, clean and fresh. There is nothing artificial about what we do.


Our products are Bold and Simple. Try any of our Chutneys, Spreads, Crackers, or Bakes - they stand out and yet complement various cuisines and snacks.

Chilly Date Foods produces 100% Vegan and certified Gluten-free products from a HACCP certified production unit.


We produce a complete range of products needed in every pantry:
1) Hot & sweet Chutneys

2) Sweet Spreads with zero added sugar

3) Seed & veggie Crackers with no nasties, no oil, no preservatives

4) Hot & sweet gourmet Sauces

5) ZeroCafé - a coffee alternative made from roasted date seeds

6) Fresh Bakes such as sourdough boules, bread, muffins & cookies

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For more information:

Call or Whatsapp: +971 559166819 

Email: info@chillydate.com

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