Olive Oil's Naughty Secret

Chilly Date believes in freshness. We try our best to source authentic, farm fresh produce for our products.  

Along with fresh ingredients, we have been very clear from the beginning about being 100% preservative free! And to achieve this we work with the natural properties of ingredients to lengthen the life of our recipes. One such key ingredient in our spreads is Extra Virgin Olive Oil. 

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is one of the healthiest forms of edible oils with minimal allergic reactions reported. It is acceptable to mostly all body types. 

However, it starts freezing at 37degree Fahrenheit (2.7 degree Celsius). Now this freezing temperature also varies from origin of Olives used in the oil, the processing of the oil and so on.... 

So if you see little white globules or crystals in your Chilly Date Jar that was sitting in the refrigerator, don’t worry! 

It is just the Extra Virgin Olive Oil being naughty.... 😉 Your spread is still as healthy and yummy as you want it to be. 

Hope you love and enjoy our spreads as much as we love making them for you. 

♥ Niv 


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