Zero Café, Coffee Alternative!

Chilly Date - Spiced Date Syrup glazed Pumpkin Feta Salad. Photography credit: Vera Schoppe


for 1 cup of Zero Café

  • 50gms of Zero Café, Coffee Alternative

  • 100ml hot water (96 Degree Celsius)

  • Hot Milk (65 Degree Celsius) to taste

  • Sugar to taste


  • French Press


  • Remove the strainer from the French Press and add Chilly Date - Zero Café, Coffee Alternative to the empty container.

  • Top it with hot water and let it brew for 3-4 minutes so the chocolaty, nutty, aromatic flavours from Zero Café are extracted.

  • Now insert the strainer into the French Press and slide it down so the powder is seperated from the decoction.... and Wallah! Your Zero Café, Coffee Alternative is ready to brighten up your healthy morning :D

  • You can have your coffee black or with hot milk and sugar.

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