Sun-Dried Tomato Date Spread
  • Sun-Dried Tomato Date Spread

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    Sun-dried Tomato Date Spread 130g, is a fresh blend of tangy flavours from our home-made sun-dried tomatoes and asian curry leaves and green chillies. It goes well raw on your roasted chicken or even tastes superb when used to marinate your chicken with yogurt.






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      • Since all Chilly Date products are made from 100% fresh ingreadients and do not contain any preservative, it is important that all products are strictly stored as per instructed on the individual product label.
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      • Keep it chilled and fresh!

        Chilly date spreads use all-natural ingredients and no preservatives! One such key ingredient in our spreads is Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

        It starts freezing at approximately 2 degrees Celsius. So, if you see little white globules or crystals in your Chilly Date Jar that was sitting in the refrigerator, don’t worry! It is just the Extra Virgin Olive Oil being naughty.... 😉 Your spread is still as healthy and yummy as you want it to be.

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      5% VAT included